Keepin' my Austin Design Spark

Thanks to all my fine friends in Austin, I have been busy pumping out some Art Work for these events coming up for the New Year. No shortage of good design, this move has my mind racing with all kinds of ideas..... I got some new gear and will be shooting this weekend and the following weeks so be on the look out for some new photo stuff...

Chicago ate me alive

I've been really bad about posting things the last month but here I am again, finally settled down in Chicago, embracing harsh the cold climate. I'm just a weird little girl from Austin in a new city and cannot wait to see what this next year has to bring.....


On Set Kydd ft. Pac-Div

photo cred. AustinKnightVintage.com

photo cred. AustinKnightVintage.com


This Weekend!

fantastic photo and flyer done by yours truly 


New Cyanotypes

I've been in the lab mixin' up a batch of cyanotype. Get ready, my world will soon become blue...

Austin Instax Attack!